Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt

ESAIND designs, manufactures and integrates different transport systems for many different applications. The equipment can be painted steel, stainless steel, aluminum.

We manufacture conveyors for all types of packaging: circular, square, flat, irregular, as well as boxes, pallets, etc …

Among others we manufacture:

• Lifts of corks (cork, plastic, DOP, pilfer, stelvin, metallic, Twistoff).

• Acetal or stainless steel hinge chain conveyors.

• Modular band accumulation tables.

• Rotary disks of accumulation or introduction of containers to line.

• Chain conveyors for pallets.

• Conveyors motorizadores of rollers for pallets.

• Transfer.

• Motorized roller rotating equipment for pallets.

• Rotating equipment for chains for pallets.

• Food and non-food belt conveyor belts.