Carbonic Anhydride Recuperator

Carbonic Anhydride Recuperator

Carbonic fermentation anhydride.

In the process of alcoholic fermentation enormous amounts of carbon dioxide develop. To get an idea, suffice it to say that 50 L of carbon dioxide is produced per liter of wine. All this produced gas is dispersed in the atmosphere with an obvious ecological damage. In addition we must consider that the damage is not only ecological, because carbon dioxide is an expensive and abundant gas, used in several productive processes. It is therefore clear that their dispersion in the atmosphere also entails a great loss of economic resources.

The use of carbon dioxide in oenology.

The most modern oenological techniques are always oriented to a greater use of carbon dioxide. Inertization of tanks, bottling phases and modern maceration practices of red wines are examples of the complex and expensive use of carbon dioxide in the cellar.

Easy to administer.

  • The installation is fully automatic.
  • The installation can be done directly by the buyer.
  • Installations of different sizes can be realized.
  • The installation adapts to any winemaking system.

Operational and economic advantages.

  • Gas available to carry out all vinification practices in an inert atmosphere.
  • Reuse of the produced gas, if increase the discharge in the atmosphere.
  • Availability of gas at zero cost.
  • Possibility to sell gas produced.