Sleever Line

Sleever Line

The sleeve, sleever or retractable sleeve is a type of label with a format of labeling of 360º modern and striking and with own design of the client with a high range of colors. It has experienced tremendous growth in recent years.

It can be used for any type of packaging, so it is addressed to all sectors. The type of material used is a very flexible, durable and durable plastic that is shrinkable and adapts to the shape of the container to be labeled.

Another advantage of this product, in addition to the decorative and protective value of the packaging that it offers, is the biggest surface that it presents to incorporate in it all the information that is needed, like the characteristics of the product, bar codes, personalization and place of Manufacturing, or any other information you deem appropriate.

The materials used for printing are usually PVC, PETG, OPP.

ESAIND offers its clients the total or partial implantation of a line of Sleever, with:

  • Sleek applicator.
  • Thermal tunnel for adhering with steam or with electric resistors.
  • Steam generators.
  • Integration.
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