Barrel Lines

Barrel Lines

Esaind within its policy of service expansion signed last year an important distribution with SIFA of Gruppo Bisaro, Italian company with a long journey and experience in MICROBIOLOGY, which have applied in a very positive way among others the manufacture of machinery and lines For the treatment of barrels.

Their systems range from:

Semi-automatic fillers.

Filling machines with interior washing machine.

Semiautomatic fillers with washing, disinfection and filling.

To reach:

Fully complete lines in automatic with:

Unloading of empty barrels.

Washing machine outside.

Turner of barrels.

Compact equipment: Barrel emptying, cleaning, sterilizing, filling and closing.



Weight control and levels.

Palletizing of barrels in automatic.

Baling pallets.

Always with a maximum microbiological control. With the support of SIFA we can offer complete studies for the solution of problems of diverse contaminations in the different zones of our line of bottled or barreled.